Workshop "Open Air Taichi": This introductory, decelerating Taichi experience in the fresh summer air is open to all. Simple ideas from classical Taichi exercises that can be applied in everyday life, such as breathing slowly, dropping the shoulders or finding natural posture, supports us in recognizing the strength of serenity. This leads to a caring approach to one's own body.

Yuki practices Taichi in order to understand her own body movements better and better, and she likes to guide Taichi interested people, or to help those who are looking for a tailwind in self-training. In class she presents the authentic movement principle from the Chinese martial art, which she interprets with a Japanese view and adapts to Berlin's urbanity.

Workshop: 4 – 4.40 pm


Robust, Noble, Nordic: Refined, handmade kitchen knives made from steel  and surrounded by beautiful, historic wood. Each knife is unique, designed for durability and aesthetics. In addition, there are also artistically designed cutting boards.