1. Treidelmarkt: May 8th

On a beautiful sunny Saturday in Schorfheide, the Schlossgut Finowfurt was finally awakened on May 8th after over 20 years of a serene slumber. A cheerful queue of people waited in curious anticipation for the manor gates to officially re-open with the inauguration of the 1st Treidelmarkt event. Local residents and Berliners trickled in along the main dirt path leading to the manor, naturally dispersing throughout the 4 hectre property. The inquisitive explored the abandoned manor and were surprised to find the rustic walls and floors as the backdrop for the artistic ceramic and metal work by Julia Ehler and Annette Eckl. The energetic explored the forest park with 300 year old Oak, Maple, Elm and Linden trees while the more relaxed leisurely strolled along the Finow Canal, just adjacent to the park. As the sun shined, people found a grassy spot on the Schlossgut grounds to lay their blankets for a picnic. Picnickers chose from a delicious selection of foods; bbq’ed venison or vegetarian sausages, an assortment of regional meats and cheeses, authentic Thai cuisine, tempting bakery items and a variety of cold and hot beverages.

For many, the first Treidelmark was an opportunity to enjoy food, art, and nature on a historical site on a warm spring afternoon. For many locals of Schorfheide, the reopening of the SGF gates enabled them to reconnect to the past and to recount childhood memories of visiting the Schlossgut manor, stall or forest park. For the Schlossgut owners’, the Treidelmark was about creating a community atmosphere and for people to connect – to open the gates to allow people to safely come together to enjoy, explore and experience.

With many positive comments received by visitors to the first event, a second Treidelmarkt is currently being planned for the 29.05. Details of the next Treidelmarkt will be soon be announced.