Events at the Schlossgut

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Garden talk

19.08.2022, from 5 pmr
Michael Kellner
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We look forward to lively discussions with old and new acquaintances and Michael Kellner, the Member of the Bundestag for Barnim and Uckermark and State Secretary.

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Dinner under the open sky
02.09.2022, from 6 pm
Kochkommode Eberswalde & René Beck Hansen
99 Euro p.P.

A festal forest dinner with live fire cooking with Kochkommode and Danish Chef, René Beck Hansen. Freshly foraged foods and regional specialities expertly cooked with a wooden fire: over it, in it and around it.  A wonderful assortment of creatively prepared dishes to be enjoyed throughout the evening. The price includes a vegan or non-vegan menu and a welcome drink.

6 - 7.30pm: Opening of the photo exhibition by Lars Wiedemann. (only for dinner guests)
6.30 - 7.30pm: Live music
7pm: Official start of the dinner with welcome drinks. 

Photo exhibition

Photo exhibition
03.09. & 10.09.2022
Lars Wiedemann

Photographer Lars Wiedemann presents his photographs, including those of the Schlossgut, prominently displayed in the rooms of the main house.

03.09.2022, 11am – 5 pm
10.09.2022, 2 – 6 pm

Treidelmarkt #8

Food, Drinks, Workshops ...
03.09.2022, 11 am – 5 pm
with many regional partners
3 Euro p.P. (free up to 16 years)

The Schlossgut’s barn will be the market location in case of rainy weather, so come rain or shine! There will be seating for gastronomy and picnics on the grass to enjoy the live music performances. So, the full programme - food, drinks, music, shopping and workshops.

Crisis as an opportunity?

Workshop at the Treidelmarkt
03.09.2022, 1 – 2pm
Cathrin Pöhlmann
free of charge, max. 10 people

Is your glass half empty or half full?
Do you think too much or feel more?
Are you the director in your life?

Fascination Printmaking

Workshop at the Treidelmarkt
03.09.2022, 1–3pm
Viola Geiger
25 Euro (to be paid at the event)

In this practical art workshop you will learn about the fascinating variety of classical and experimental relief printing. You will learn how to use the tools and materials professionally. After joint practical exercises on various printing techniques, you will work on your own image motif or associatively on a theme of your choice. Different printing techniques or materials are creatively combined. Prints on paper, cardboard or fabric are possible. At the end of the course, you can take home unique prints as well as many inspirations.

Please bring: suitable work clothes, folder or bag to transport the picture, optional: linocut roller, linocut tool, papers, fabric scraps, motif ideas, fabric bags and T-shirts.

Viola Geiger is an art teacher and systematic coach. Her artistic focus is on printmaking, photography and mixed media. In group and individual coaching, she deals with topics such as empowerment, mindset, healthy life balance, creativity techniques and vision development.

Castle Estate Tour

as part of the Treidelmarkt #8
03.09.2022, 1 – 2pm & 2.45 – 3.45pm
Uwe Tietz & Marc Lorenz
free of charge, without registration

Two of the owners/developers of the Schlossgut Finowfurt, Uwe Tietz and Marc Lorenz, will be offering two tours of the site. An overview of the project, the development plans, and the concepts of sustainability and community will be explained. The meeting point will be at the sofa in the courtyard.


as part of the Treidelmarkt #8
03.09.2022, 2 – 2.45pm
Gisbert Amm
free of charge, without registration, max. 40 persons

Gisbert Amm’s poems are located somewhere between Gernhardt, Bernstein, Jandl, Ringelnatz, Morgenstern and Brecht, to whom he pays ample reference to in his work - language play, profundity and nonsense give each other a run for their money.

"Am I sitting right?"

Workshop at the Treidelmarkt
03.09.2022, 3 – 3.20pm
Sophie Stahl - Oboist & Physiotherapist
5 Euro (to be paid at the event)

"Am I sitting properly?" - This question comes up again and again in everyday life. After all, our days are characterised by sitting during meals, at work, on the way from A to B - the list can be extended indefinitely. But what is important about sitting? Is sitting really harmful?

The answer is as simple as it is complex. But with a little background knowledge and a few practical exercises, you can find a sitting position that supports you and for you to know what is important when sitting.

Sophie Stahl is an oboist and physiotherapist. In her workshops she teaches anatomical and physiological knowledge combined with practical exercises to understand and experience the body in a new way. Because an understanding of the body's own processes changes behaviour. The aim of the workshops is to work with the body and to experience it as a support rather than an obstacle.

Open Day

Info day for people interested in renting
10.09.2022, 2 – 6 pm

Open day, a small guided tour of the Schlossgut site and presentation of the project by its owners and developers.