Save the Date: 09.09.2023, 11 – 17

The "Treidelmarkt" at Schlossgut Finowfurt is a great place to go for young and old with friends and family. A varied offer awaits guests at each market: organic products from the area, delicious food and drinks, as well as live music and a variety of workshops - and all this in the middle of greenery right next to the Finow Canal. Admission: €3 for visitors over 16 years of age

What's coming up.

We now also offer teambuilding and group events with our dynamic partners Kochkommode Eberswalde, Mäxit Escape Games and Kailo Nature Therapy at the Schlossgut - in the main house or outdoors. Feel free to send us an email for more information.


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Today, ships easily navigate up and down streams, but in the past before the invention of the steam engine, "treideln" or pulling was used and was the oldest form of inland navigation. When barges were unable to drift due to the currents, barges were pulled from the shore by horses. In rivers that were navigable, "linseed paths" were laid out on both banks, and ships pulled other ships – a strenuous job. Today's "Oder-Havel-Rad- und Wanderweg" were once such "treidel paths".


The 400-year-old Finow Canal, one of the oldest artificial waterways in Europe, is located south of the Finowfurt Castle estate and can be reached directly through the forest park. It is 43 km long and you can cycle or walk along the beautiful tree lined paths adjacent to the water.


The "Schlossgut Finowfurt" is located on a nearly 4 hectares of land in Schorfheide. So much to discover: the almost untouched forest park, the historic manor house from the previous century and even a bunker.


PUBLIC TRANSPORT: By train from Berlin Central Station to Eberswalde Bahnhof, from there by bus no. 910-  Then, just a few meters to the Schlossgut entrance. BIKE: Cycle paths "Berlin-Usedom", then "Oder-Havel". AUTO: From Berlin-Mitte B2, then A11 to exit 12, Finowfurt.


As soon as we – Uwe, Marc and Tami – became owners of the Finowfurt manor estate, the idea was born to organize a small market on the site. As our new neighbours began sharing their stories, it soon became clear to us that the manor estate was becoming a place to bring people together.  We did not want to wait until the Schlossgut was completed. Instead, we want to start welcoming people today to the Schlossgut and an outdoor market, ‘The Treidelmarkt’ was the perfect opportunity.   The transformation of the site from an abandoned agricultural estate into a living space with hotel, gastronomy, apartments and offices, with a wide variety of art and culture offers for locals and guests from near and far, has been our dream.   As we prepare for the first "Treidelmarkt" the dream is starting to come true.   Making the market smaller and Covid friendly, The Triedelmarket’s focus is on fine assortment of regional products. Art, culture, entertainment, well-being and a variety of gastronomic offerings are to follow in the future. Together with Stefan, Domi and Bene, who have worked together on concept and content, we are awaiting the Treidelmarkt with great anticipation.   The name "Treidelmarkt" is derived from the history of the Finow Canal, which lies only a few meters south of the manor estate.  This is where barges were moved and were "getreidelt’,   or towed along one of Europe's oldest artificial waterways - people and horses walked a "path" to pull barges in the opposite direction with ropes. Today, this path is a beautiful path for cyclists, joggers and hikers, while the Finow Canal is used for paddling and other water sports.